What is the proper strategy for Chinese self-media account

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Recently, Chinese self-media account Chaping made an announcement that they are going to refund the investment from Tencent, one of Asia’s most valuable companies by market cap, struggling in the storm over content and intellectual property rights. They mentioned that before they set out new rules for content copyright they believe it’s inappropriate to accept the investment from Tencent.

What a brilliant decision in terms of public relationship tactics!

Chaping is still denying plagiarism behaviors for themselves. But if Tencent withdrawal the investment successfully because of its due diligence, it’s barely possible for Chaping to be trusted by other investment organization, suggesting Chaping is just a cheater as some self-media commentator alleged before.

Considering the convenience of adapting article from others originating the exactly same idea, which costs most of the writing time, self-media authors have the motivation to plagiarize. In China, it is easy to produce a copy with the help of automatic tools you can find through internet. People can think of three totally different ways at least to express with the same meaning. Now this transforming process can be done by artificial intelligence. So I do not see the bright future for the self-media authors focusing on the original writing without the powerful intellectual property protection system. Since the cheating system have been improved to 3.0 version while our protection system still remains in 2.0 version, we need to step it a notch to a new lever, more intellectual, more sophisticated, and more self-evolutionary.

In light of the bright side is alway falling behind the dark side at the beginning, my advice is to adapt our writing style for the self-media environment and trend of reading – using pictures instead of words to express our ideas for the good of business. People love reading pictures rather than passages while being mobile, lending to more space for advertisement. So maybe it is high time some authors had learn how to expressing meanings by drawing.

But if writing article is just a hobby, why should we care who is stealing our thought? If the idea is worth spreading, somehow it is reassuring, at least to me.

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