Why Freudian always be right? The following stories will tell you the reason?

Story one:

One day, a patient went to see Freud for psychology help. After some simple tests and a long and efficient talking with the patient, Freud said,” You hate your mother.”

The patient said,” Wow, that make sense.”

Freud said,” Yeah, I am right.”

But after a moment, the patient found himself wrong and said to Freud, “ No, I don’t. That’s titillating. That’s disgusting.”

Freud said,” Your anger shows this ides is painful to you, you have repressed it from consciousness, so…..”

The patient said, ”So what?”

“I am right.” Freud said.

Story two:

Some defenders of Freud made some claims and published it. It showed that adult personality traits are shaped by the course of psychosexual development, all dreams are disguised wish fulfillment, psychoanalysis is the best treatment for mental disorders.

Scientists then respond,” I disagree. There’s little or no evidence supporting those claims.”

The Freudian response,” Your rejection of my ideas shows that they are distressing to you. This is because I am right.”

And then they followed up,” You have deep psychological problems.”

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